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Cos Fit was created in 2013 to promote fitness to cosplayers, and all those who love nerdom. We saw a need to reach out and relate to people in this community to encourage them to improve their health and fitness while offering a safe environment to do so. Whether that be at home, at a gym they actually feel comfortable in, or with friends doing something active.

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Though Mr. A is a certified personal trainer, you should always consult a medical professional before starting a life style change such as a new exercise routine or a change in diet. Any nutrition information, exercises, or other information presented or shown by Cos Fit is only for entertainment and informational purposes.

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Cosfit will update this page, as well as on social media, on the lastest Cosfit news.  We also will be running Giveaway Contest for the chance to win awesome Cosfit items.

Fitness Fun - For our 2nd Anniversary, here's your chance to WIN  a Cos Fit shirt!

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