Cardio Burn

  • Through the Thunder Plain

    Through the Thunder Plain

    Are you someone who enjoys five finger discounts and learning new languages? Do you have a mission to complete, but have to cross a deadly…

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  • Untamed


    Have a love of breaking rules and crushing your opponents? Are you one of the most cruel members of S.I.N. with an insatiable lust for…

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  • Fighting Fate

    Fighting Fate

    Have a bit of a dirty mind, loyalty to friends, and a lot of fighting power? Are you challenging not only your opponents, but a…

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  • Burning Rage

    Burning Rage

    Have strength, confidence, but don't quite have a grip on your temper? Do you burst into flames when you lose your cool in the mist…

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  • The Emerald Archer

    The Emerald Archer

    Hunting down those that have done wrong? Willing to stand up to even the Boy Scout in Blue when he goes off the deep end?…

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  • Fate Changer

    Fate Changer

    Have the power to twist fate to your will? Calling upon innate mutant powers as well as some good old fashion magic in the mix?…

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  • Predator of the Deep

    Predator of the Deep

    Tired of hunting Xenomorphs or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Want more of a challenge so you left behind your blades and shoulder cannon for a ball of…

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