Muscle Building

  • You Can Fly

    You Can Fly

    Are you a sassy fae with a large crush on your traveling companion? Do you find yourself being protective of them, both from new friends…

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  • War Zone

    War Zone

    Caught up in different worlds trying your best to fight your demons? Are you strong and independent, but not above taking a cheap shot? Then…

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  • Night Fury

    Night Fury

    Are you the last of your kind? Having made an unlikely friend in the son of the Viking Chief, are you gearing up to take…

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  • Elfen Legs

    Elfen Legs

    Prone to violence as a natural reflex? Don't even consider yourself a killer because humanity is so much lower than the Diclonii? Well it's time…

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  • Waking Nightmare

    Waking Nightmare

    Have you entered into the dreams of teens to wreak havoc? Do you enjoy depriving them of sleep until they have no choice but to…

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  • DPS


    Live in a world of constant battles and raids with the warring factions always at each others throats? Have you grown weary of the grind…

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  • Zombie Killer

    Zombie Killer

    Has your high school been overrun with undead hordes and you finally have an outlet for your raw nature? Are you constantly on the run…

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  • The Green Machine

    The Green Machine

    Have you been launched into space because others were afraid of you? And instead of landing on a peaceful uninhabited planet, have come to find…

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