• Stock Workout

    Stock Workout

    Are you being told to stand in random places in office attire all day? Do you have what advertisers think is the "everyman" or "everywoman"…

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  • Black Dog

    Black Dog

    Are you the parental figure in your workplace? Trying to hold things together as you search for your next payday? Well it's time to use…

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  • Whipped into Shape

    Whipped into Shape

    Busy trying to avoid the Bat as you make your way among the rooftops? Using your cat-like reflexes are you pilfering and looting items that…

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  • Initial Spark

    Initial Spark

    Were you an orphaned teen discovered to be a defender of our solar system with a knack for shocking the enemy with lighting and your…

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  • Tides of Change

    Tides of Change

    Were you sent to earth for angering the gods, only to find yourself floating towards the moon? Did the person you love end up trying…

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  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled

    Are you surrounded by people trying to garner your affections? Having been through war that has toughened you into the person you are today, baby…

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  • Be Afraid

    Be Afraid

    Have you dedicated your life to the study of fear? Facing off against the Bat and need a little bit more than just your toxin…

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  • Dusty


    At the academy with your team to learn how to be a huntress/hunter? Consider yourself a dork because you have a particular weapon of choice?…

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