Cos & Effect

  • CE 20: Tentacle Grape

    CE 20: Tentacle Grape

    I woke up this morning to this wonderful message from¬†Tentacle Grape Cosplay. She had a pretty big wake up call last year, but has really…

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  • CE 19: Curtis

    CE 19: Curtis

    I'm hugely proud of Curtis of Clinically Inane for his weight loss and regaining mobility through his shoulder. Definitely leave some love and encouragement for…

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  • CE 18: George (update)

    CE 18: George (update)

    Update! George started losing weight about 10 months ago, and had let us know a couple months in about his progress. Now he's just under…

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  • CE 17: George

    CE 17: George

    A big hand to George for all the effort, hard work and will power that he used to make the changes he has. He's dropped…

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  • CE 16: Jiezl

    CE 16: Jiezl

    So Jiezl wanted to portray her cosplays a bit more accurately, so she set off to lose a bit of fat and put on some…

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  • CE 15: Liz

    CE 15: Liz

    I big "Congratulations!" to Liz for all her hard work that resulted in a 47lb weight loss over this past year. She's really pushing herself…

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  • CE 14: Cheryl

    CE 14: Cheryl

    Cheryl is one of my clients, and has made a tremendous change in her life for the better. She has more confidence, she's incredibly active…

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  • CE 13: Mr. A!

    CE 13: Mr. A!

    Hey, it's Mr. A! So here's an updated Cos & Effect for me. I have goals of putting on some muscle in the future, but…

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