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You Can Fly

Are you a sassy fae with a large crush on your traveling companion? Do you find yourself being protective of them, both from new friends and old foes? Well think of the happiest thoughts while you make it through this workout! If you believe, clap for Lissy Boo and her cosplay of Tinkerbell, and to…
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Through the Thunder Plain

Are you someone who enjoys five finger discounts and learning new languages? Do you have a mission to complete, but have to cross a deadly landscape with only your wits to help you? Well use those lightning fast reflexes to stay alive while you figure out how to keep her that way as you cross…
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Stock Workout

Are you being told to stand in random places in office attire all day? Do you have what advertisers think is the "everyman" or "everywoman" look? Well then follow up your day with this stock workout. This is where we normally would credit people, such asVince Vaughn or Dave Franco and tell you to go…
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